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Steel Specifications

Material Specification for Railings, Gates and Balustrades



The size and weight of the steel sections used in fabrication influences the cost of the railing and visual appearance of the finished product. Prices are based around light weight, medium weight and heavy duty specifications.  An extra heavy duty specification is also available- please call for a quote.  The specification is a combination of the size of the top and bottom rail and the thickness of the uprights.  The heavier the section, the greater the weight of the finished product.  If you are unsure of which specification is most suitable for your design, please call to discuss your requirements.


Light Weight: 25x5mm rails, 10mm round or square Uprights

This specification is suitable where a budget railing is required or where a lighter weight look is desired for visual reasons.   

Medium Weight:30x8mm rails, 12mm round or square uprights

This is the most popular choice for railings and balustrades and offers a good balance between visual appearance and cost.  


Heavy Duty:40x10 rails, 16mm round or square uprights

This is a substantial heavy duty railing and is ideal for Victorian properties.  It is generally used on front railings and gates.